Dubious Décor with Effective Rugs

Some might say the décor in your home is downright dubious. You might think your pad is the epitome of Austin Powers’ style and a nod to swinging 60’s chic. Whatever the truth may be, your décor expresses your personality, and what better way to complement it, dubious or otherwise, than with an effective rug that is both stylish and practical.

In the 1960’s, rugs were brightly coloured with vibrant patterns; terracotta and orange were firm favourites. In fact, patterns were all the rage (perhaps too much so), with many people buying matching patterned curtains, rugs, tablecloths, sofas and so forth. Whilst you don’t need to go crazy and apply too many patterns to your home décor, it can be a great idea to spice things up with some beautiful patterned rug that will add character and flair to your home.

Your bachelor pad could be looking cool in shades of grey, black and white, but you really need to add some character to prevent it looking too austere. A Modern rug is a great way to inject some of your personality into your space, without looking too feminine. These come in shades of orange, grey and black and complement the rest of your décor perfectly to provide a stylish look.

Or why not embrace the swinging sixties at full throttle and bring a touch of the Mods’ style into your home with a