Persian Opulence at Rug Zone

Tribal Lori Rug

Rugs are extremely sought after items. With hour of painstaking work in silk and wool, they have become status symbols and are hung in galleries as work of art. Rugs, and particularly those from the Middle East, fetch huge prices at auction with a long and rich history. The Persian Pazyryk rug is over 2,000 years old, testament to the incredible skill of its weavers. A Persian rug sold in 2013 for $34million.

Although Persian rugs still command high prices, even from online rug companies, there are still affordable ways to give your home a real sense of style and luxury. Rug Zone has a wide range of authentic Persian rugs at great prices, although these are high quality and at the top of the price range. Why not consider a modern Eastern design, rather than opting for an expensive antique.

When choosing the right rug for your home it is important to establish what its primary function is. If the idea is to present an attractive centrepiece for a room, then it may be worth contemplating spending that little bit extra and getting a handmade rug, but it is not advisable to have an antique Persian rug beneath your dining room table, or in high traffic areas in your home.

Similarly, a deep pile rug is best placed away from high traffic areas, as the tendency to trap dust and dirt means that they will need constant cleaning. Although most rugs are machine washable, dependent on their size, it would be inconvenient to constantly be washing your hallway rug, and potentially very costly if you have opted for an expensive silk rug, which would require specialist cleaning. That said, a highly intricate pattern on a rug helps to disguise tell-tale dirt and stains, and avoiding plain colours, particularly light ones is advisable.

Contemporary designers have created some beautiful designs, antiques of the future, which will add style and luxury to your home, without worrying about insurance or damage. The rugs that are currently being produced in the Middle East also present a more affordable way of having a traditional rug in your home, and these are readily available through online rug websites.

Rug Zone not only offers some of the finest Persian rugs, but also affordable and opulent alternatives such as the Oushak or Bokhara range. These are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and dimensions.