Wood Flooring - Beneficial To Health

Acacia Wood Flooring There are different types of wood floor products with unique characteristics. Some are denser and others are harder. Oak is a popular wood-flooring product as it gives rich appearance due to lot of grain. It is available in two variations that include red oak and white oak which differ from each other in shading and color. Maple is a condensed wood with fine grain and less texture than oak.

Maple wood flooring has clear and uniform look than other wood species as it has less grain. Pine is used to give a warm look to the home so as to get a log cabin look. Pine is a soft wood so it should be used in low traffic areas. The other wood species used for flooring are ash, beech, teak, cherry, mahogany, walnut and pecan.

Wood Floor Textures

The texture of wood flooring relates with the grain amount in a specific wood species. The wood texture should be thought before while planning the decorative scheme. As the grainer texture will give rustic casual look, a smooth texture will give a formal look. Like the pine and oak flooring gives rough feel whereas the maple flooring has smooth finish as it has less grain. Even the finish coatings completely do the makeover of the texture of wood floor; like polyurethane finish coating gives a smoother texture whereas wax finish does not.

Wood Finishes

The wood used for flooring comes in both finished and raw form. If one is buying a finished wood then the price of finishing will be adjusted in the wood whereas if a person gets the wood finished by a professional then he will be charged for sanding, staining and finishing of the wood

Mostly people use urethane coatings for getting different wood floor looks, like high gloss, satin, semi-gloss and matte finish. This coating is more prevalent as it is highly durable and also resistant to spills. There is also wax, penetrating stain and standard wax finishes which are less expensive and easy to apply but require more ongoing maintenance.

Wood Flooring Installation

There are different installation options for wood flooring like staple down, nail down, glue down and free-float. While deciding the right installation method one should firstly look out the sub floor type, which is the actual base floor. If the sub floor is of plywood then any installation method can be opted but if the sub floor is of concrete then only glue down and free float installation methods can be used.

Health Benefits of Wood Floors

Wood flooring gives healthy living environment to the inhabitants, which is why it is more prevalent now-a- days. The wood flooring does not trap harbor dust mites and molds so keeps the indoor air quality good and prevent reparatory problems like asthma and allergy.

Today, the wood flooring is more sustainable so people prefer to use it to get the related health benefits for long time. Regular maintenance of wood flooring is easy as it can be cleaned well with periodic staining and finishing.