Cool blue rugs with a fresh appeal

When you fancy a change of decor, there is nothing quicker or simpler than to buy new rugs. Not only does it make you feel instantly lifted by giving a new accent in the room but it is also an excellent way to check out whether a particular colour or team of colours would be right for the setting. Decorating with colour is very simple and by following a few rules you can completely change the ambience of a room. The addition of rugs in a colour not already represented in the decor can give a real lift and costs very little.

Blue is a case in point. Many people fear that too much blue can make a room look cold but although there is something to be said for a fresh, minty blast of a clear cool blue in a room the darker blues or shades verging on green or the blue peacock colours that almost seem purple can make a room look very rich and exotic. Cool colours needn’t be avoided altogether, even in a north-facing room. Although most of us want our homes to be warm and welcoming to guests, any room which you have set aside as a work space really needs to be rather more invigorating, and a pale, crisp blue certainly does the job.

Colour therapists believe that blue is the colour of communication and when you come to think of it, it is the colour most used in computing as backgrounds and many screen savers. A blue theme in an office space at home can create a real feeling of efficiency and organisation, but if it is a room that is also used as a living space, a cool blue rug can give a comfortable edge to that busy feeling. Cool blues are also calming and are a popular choice for bedroom rugs. Girls as well as boys can have blue rugs in their rooms – pastel pink can be a little cloying and an infusion of a light blue rug can make the room seem much cleaner and crisper and a little less like living in a cupcake. An interesting fact is that in the first half of the twentieth century, the colours for boys and girls were the other way round, because pink is a much more definite colour than pale blue – so don’t be afraid to mix and match.