Hall Runners that Break the Mould

Durable Hall Runners

The hall is usually the first thing that visitors see and it is so easy to let it get a bit tatty. It does, after all, get the most traffic of any area in the house. Hall runners are a great way of giving the area a bit of zing and there are loads to choose from at the Rug Zone. If you fancy traditional there are plenty to choose from but there is no need to stop at that – there are many designs that will give your hall a real wow factor and lift that boring everyday space and make it something special.

One of our specialities at the Rug Zone are hall runners that make your life a lot easier and also look a million dollars. This sounds like a bit of an impossible achievement but it isn’t – we have runners which have no ‘pile’ but still have vibrant designs so vacuuming is a breeze and all the mud and general goo that your kids and dogs track in with them is gone in a trice. You have to be a bit careful if you have a hall runner on a polished floor – especially if you have the aforementioned kids and dogs because they don’t usually come in carefully from outside – but you can put some anti-slip spray on your order from Rug Zone which will stop any slipping or creeping, if your hall runner is on carpet.

The great thing about using an unusual design in the hall is that because it is a space that tends to stand alone, you don’t really have to think about making sure it matches with the rest of your house. If you tend to be a bit conservative in your choice of decor, hall runners are the one piece of floor covering where you can go a bit mad.

Stripes, for example, can be really hard to live with in the lounge or a bedroom, but put them in the hall and they can be great fun. Depending on the direction you can make a short hall look longer or a long, narrow hall look wider. You can have some fun with bold shapes in the design too – if you have too many crazy modern flower motifs in your sitting room you could end up feeling a bit overwhelmed, but hall runners incorporating something like that in a vibrant colour just look jolly and bright.