The Strange Story of a Stained Rug

Oval Art Stripe Wool Rugs in Beige and Creams

Linda was angry and humiliated. It all started when she went to her local department store to browse for rugs to match her living room. And then she saw it. The 100% wool, cream coloured rug she had been dreaming of for months. It was beautiful, and expensive. ‘That would look perfect in my newly decorated living room!’ she thought to herself. Linda didn’t think of her children, or her two Great Danes, none of that crossed her mind. All she could think of was how her neighbour Sally would react when she saw the beautiful rug and how envious she would be. Sally was always bragging about how her house looked with its up to date decor and beautiful rugs.

When Linda got home the house was empty. Her husband Roy had taken the dogs and the children out for a walk. She moved her coffee table and carefully placed the rug between her two sofas on her newly installed hard wood flooring. It looked divine. Linda called Sally and asked her to come over for a cup of tea. At that moment she heard the front door, two extremely muddy Great Danes came bounding in and headed straight for the new rug. The rug didn’t stand a chance. Linda’s screams were drowned out by the sounds of her children shouting with happiness. They too were covered in mud. Roy’s face dropped when he saw what had happened.

At that moment Sally came in and surveyed the situation. She had a smirk on her face. ‘I’d better come back another time’ she said to Linda. Linda could only nod silently. Roy said, ‘is that new? Please tell me it is stain resistant Linda’, Linda shook her head, ‘it’s wool’.

The next day Linda and Roy went back to the department store to pick up a stain resistant rug. They found one with polypropylene fibres in, it looked exactly the same as the wool rug but was cheaper and wear and stain resistant. Linda was hesitant but Roy assured her. This is the right one.

Weeks later and the rug is still spotless. Oh, there have been drinks spilled and muddy paws but the fibres have ensured that they don’t stain. Sally hasn’t been round since but Linda doesn’t care. She has something that Sally doesn’t. A polypropylene fibre, stain resistant rug.