Show your colours with a rug colour to match your football team

Are you a football fan? Do you have others in your house who support different teams? You could have a lot of fun by buying some cheap rugs in the colour of your team and decorating your house with them and having the ‘winning’ rug in pride of place, changing each week as the teams move up the league. Why not have a walk of fame down the hall, with the rugs changing position every Saturday after the game?

Children love this kind of decorating; it gives them a fun thing to do each week and also they can have a league table there on the floor! Football teams have a whole range of different colours and if you have two teams with the same colour represented in the house – for example Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal all wear red – why not have different shapes so they contenders can tell which is which? For example the Man United supporter’s rug could be round and the Liverpool supporter could have a rectangular rug, or you could have different textures, for example wool rugs for some and shaggy rugs for another.

You don’t have to dress your home with rainbow rugs to show support. No one is suggesting that you change your team allegiance so you can have a nice rug, but you are very lucky if you support Stoke, with their mainly black kit, meaning that you can treat yourself to a cheap black rug. You perhaps are not so lucky, decor wise, if you are a fan of the Canaries (Norwich) as their bright yellow and green may be a bit hard to live with day to day. However, with the really cheap rugs for sale on the Rug Zone website, you can have some rugs just to bring out for the football season and you can even get some rugs to see you through the internationals.

If you follow international football, what better way to show your support than by a flag of St George white and red rug in the hall to greet your friends? If you are having a get together round the television to watch the game, the bright red and white rug in front of the TV is a great way of reminding everyone who they are there to cheer for!