Are you on the Fringe when Buying a New Rug?

This blog aims to provide an tongue-in-cheek guide to helping the buyer make the right decision on what Rug is right for them. The three main aspects when deciding on a Rug is Measuring, Colour and Durability. Follow those three special steps and you’re on your way to finding the right Rug that will set the character and mood of your room.
No to only are you giving your home the perfect gift, you’re putting your own identity and personalizing your place.

Are you one of those people who type in the search engine, such phrases as…

  • 1. Cheap Rugs
  • 3. Traditional Rugs
  • 4. Round Rugs
  • 5. Rugs for sale
  • 6. Wool Rugs

Even with these searches, you still might not find the Rug you are looking for and it might not guide you in the right direction, but one great thing could have come from those searches and brought you here!

But before we get going, to have that better chance of picking the right rug, it is very important you understand the history of the Rug. So, before you all get your thinking hats on and go in search of that rug, let’s take a trip down memory lane...

Rug making is one the greatest crafts civilisation has ever come across. Rugs have been in use since at least 8000BC, round about the start of the New Ice Age. As old as rug making is, the techniques over the years have never really changed. As the popularity of the Rug grew, it spread all the over world, eventually hitting Europe, brought back by Marco Polo, who’s samples from Oriental rugs had huge impact on society, many other explorers followed in his footsteps in search of different type and styles of Rugs. I could go on and on all day about the fabulous history of the Rug, but to keep you interested in buying one, we shall move onto Step 1!

Now we have a better understanding of how the rise of the Rug occurred, let’s get started in picking the right Rug for you…

Step 1: Measuring…… Proper, Measuring!

What you’ll all need for this task is a tape measure and…. someone to measure the available floor space!... That’s all you’ll need, wow, that’s easy…. For now!

Now, before we get on our hands and knees and start praying to the Rug Gods, bare in mind that here in the UK we were still living in caves waiting patiently for the Romans, the Vikings and the French to invade our shores and educate us. I suppose I'm trying to say people have been measuring for rugs for around 10,000 years, so it can't be that difficult.

First there are two measurements you need, LENGTH & WIDTH…
Simple? You’d think! Just so it doesn’t get too confusing and to make it as simple as possible, the diagrams below will guide you on your way!

There you are… Couldn’t be simpler right? For Circle measurements, please search Google for pi (π) equations or you can simply measure a square and imagine it with the corners rounded off.

So, we've… measure the available floor space new we need to work out exactly what size rug is required and where to put it! Baring in mind we may want the rug partially under furniture.

So now we are all measured out, time for the next step, which I will call…..

STEP 2….. Colour

Picking the right colour may seem difficult on paper or in your case computer screen…. And that’s because it is! Well, sort of.
I’m not an expert on whatever you have to be to become an expert on picking the right colour, but I’ll be damned if I’m not the next best thing!

So, you’ve just completed STEP 1. You’ll have an idea of the shape of the rug you want, but before you go searching for an epiphany about what design to have, first must come the colour.

Do me a favour… Go and stand in your room and tell me what colour you see. Well, don’t tell me, tell yourself! Once you’ve investigated what colour jumps out on you, then comes the decision… Do you want the same colour in the rug or a colour to match? That is the question! To get some ideas for colour matching you might want to watch 60 Minute makeover, Grand Designs, DIY SOS, and Gok Wan’s how to look good naked.

But for now, here’s a guide to help you on your way. Let’s take another short trip down memory lane. One of the first things we get taught in school, after we learn to read and right, and all the other things they tried to teach us, is………. That’s right, you guessed it…. Colours! How they work and don’t work together.

Primary Colours

Primary colours are represented by three important colours – Red, Blue and Yellow. These colours cannot be made from any other colour.

Secondary Colours

If you mix equal amounts of the Primary colours, it will produce colours, Purple, Green and Orange, known as Secondary Colours.

Blue and Yellow will produce the colour Green

Red and Yellow will give you the colour Orange

Red and Blue will conjure up the colour Purple

Tertiary Colours

Here it gets a little interesting. Mixing Primary Colours with Secondary Colours, in a ratio of 2:1, produces Tertiary Colour. Red-Orange, Blue- Green…

Cool Colours versus Hot Colours

Just above there's a colour wheel which you can see has the WARM colours on the left side and has the HOT colours on the right side of the wheel.

This is particularly useful when you want to create a mood in a particular room.