Some rugs have more history than you think

With so many different rugs to choose from, it is sometimes easy to think that all rugs are simply mass produced and cater to the trends and fashion of the moment. However, some rugs have histories all of their own, sometimes going back hundreds of years to their origins. If you appreciate a little bit of culture and history, here are four different kinds of rug you may enjoy:

Ziegler rugs

Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs are based on traditional Persian rug designs going back hundreds and hundreds of years. However, these particular rugs were originally designed and made by a German company called Ziegler and Co. which was based in Manchester, England. Sometimes also known as Peshawar rugs or Chobi rugs, these exotic designs tend to use more subtle colours and patterns than those traditionally found in Iran. Often handmade, Ziegler rugs are the perfect combination of sophisticated and traditional which adds culture and class to any home.

Navajo rugs

A modern twist on the Navajo Rug

It may be stating the obvious, but Navajo rugs use patterns and colours closely associated with this particular tribe of Native American Indians. Weaving was an important part of Navajo culture and Navajo rugs have been keenly sought-after for almost 200 years. Now available all over the world, Navajo rugs often use quite simple, repetitive patterns, although more contemporary rugs in the Navajo style sometimes use more complex patterns.

Tartan rugs

A contemporary slant on the traditional tartan rug design

For any proud Scotsman, knowing the tartan of their clan is an important part of their heritage. Whether you're Scottish or not, Tartan rugs and runners will add a traditional feel to any home (particularly one in Scotland of course). Reds and blues are most commonly used in Tartan rugs and whether you are looking for a living room rug or a hall runner, these rugs fit in well with many types of décor.

English Manor rugs

A good old traditional rug design

Ah, we all dream of living in an English Manor sometimes, I'm sure. With traditional rugs in the style of an English Manor, you can add some old-fashioned class to your home. English Manor rugs typically use quite grand and sophisticated designs, and are often at their best in the larger sizes available, or with long hall runners. Large rugs in this style will introduce depth and complexity to any room they are placed in.

So there you have it, historical rugs with more culture than you may have previously imagined; take a look through our stock to find one that suits you.